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但是今年,我们的返乡会看起来和以前不一样。< / p >

PCCA is dedicated to bringing you the most intuitive and in-depth virtual event on the pharmacy compound landscape this year during International Seminar 2020. Despite necessary travel restrictions implemented for the safety of our members, the event will be just as essential to you and the advancement of your pharmacy as a force for personalized medicine in your community.

And yes, it will also be fun! Like Nathan Lyon’s incredibly informative and hilarious presentation on food as the original pharmacy and the importance of overall nutrition. This is just a glimpse at the quality of education International Seminar attendees expect every year.

PCCA is developing a lineup of industry professionals who will bring their expertise to our virtual conference. Their goal is to empower you from the comfort of your own internet connection. We are excited about the lineup of speakers (which we’ll update regularly on our International Seminar website and about some of the surprises you’ve come to expect from the world-wide leader in pharmacy compounding innovation, products, support and advocacy.

Learn more about joining this year’s virtual International Seminar!

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